The CURFC steam train hit an unexpected chink on its path to supremacy. After three spectacular and high-scoring games against Cornell, Harvard, and U Penn, it was Yale Rugby that disrupted the team's winning momentum. CURFC had traveled to games further away and had triumphed in worse weather, but the close proximity of New Haven and its pleasant weather were not a boon for the roaring team. Penalties, penalties, penalties, and more penalties hindered the juggernaut that is CURFC from fully materializing. The game began with heat as CURFC kicked off deep into Yale territory, and following a fumble of hands by Yale, CURFC was poised to score, but penalties and mis-communication lead to Yale scoring early. However, CURFC responded defiantly with Karim Amr punching a hole through Yale's defense. A rigorous game of give and take ensued as the two teams displayed equal skill. Yet penalties against CURFC persisted and their toll was detrimental. However, CURFC played undeterred even with injuries and substitutions, the Crowns pushed forward, determined and resilient. Even as Yale accrued points, CURFC responded with vigor and energy regardless of the point differential, and although late in the game, the Crowns scored once more in astounding fashion as John Campbell scored a hard-won try after a series of grueling phases, but the late resurgence was insufficient, and the game ended 12 to 48 in favor of Yale Rugby. CURFC might have lost to Yale, but we are still a formidable and impressive team with an outstanding 4 to 2 record and fully capable of dismantling the Dartmouth defense especially on home territory.