Today, CURFC visits Princeton University to participate in the Ivy's 7s Tournament. 7s is a variation of standard rugby played with seven player teams consisting of two props, a hooker, a scrum half, a fly half, a centre, and a winger. But the division of positions in Rugby Seven is less apparent due to fewer players, and the player demarcations are mostly nominal. The 7s play-style is vastly different in execution than that of 15s (standard rugby) with an emphasis of speed and possession. Possession is highly important to 7s' games as only seven-minute halves are played (15s features 40-minute halves), and the faster one is, the more points one accrues. More opportunities for breaks, scoring, and out-pacing opponents are present as the full 100 meter pitch is in use, so 7s games tend to be higher scoring. 7s is an widely popular variation of Rugby Standard and will make its Olympic debut in the 2016 games. In short, 7s is an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride of fun, crazy fun. 

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