Through frigid weather and grueling pre-dawn practices, CURFC resumed evening practice last Monday at Baker Field with vicious ferocity as the Las Vegas Invitational looms in the near distance. The LVI tournament is a national Rugby Sevens event sporting prominent rugby teams from both the United States and Canada, and Columbia Rugby is sending twelve players of consummate speed and skill to compete before the massive crowds. Benjamin Coombs, Ben Keitt, Peter Calello, Karim Amr, Greg Gu, Ike Muzikowski, Daniel Martinez, Colin Cowles, Maximilian Martin, Charles Ponti, Gordon Cole, and Matthew Tremblay were selected to descend upon the Sin City and ravage Star Nursery and Silver Bowl fields. Our boys are leaving on the 11th of this month and playing from the 12th through the 15th  beginning in a pool against neighbors, Buffalo and Kutztown, and the distant, Miami of Ohio. Six pools are present with the leader of each pool advancing to the quarter finals accompanied by the two other teams with the most overall wins and best point differentials. And although only twelve CURFC players may be on field, the entire club, the entire family will be watching, cheering on, and roaring with delight.