USA Rugby 2015-2016 | Collegiate Eligibility Primer excerpts | link to full text at bottom

When considering collegiate eligibility, there are a few very IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER:

  • You must be enrolled fulltime at your college or university
  • You must be representing the institution to which you are enrolled
  • You must be in good standing as defined by the institution’s registrar
  • You must be an undergraduate or eligible for a graduate student waiver
  • You must not have competed for another collegiate rugby club 

These things considered, there are exemptions to some of these regulations, but you may only be eligible via exemption if you have received an approved eligibility waiver for the regulation you are attempting to bypass. The following breakdown will examine the collegiate eligibility waiver request form and how it can be used to pursue eligibility, as well as the necessary documentation you will need to include when submitting your materials. 

Eligibility Waivers for Collegiate Full-Time Enrollment Status, regulation 4.3(a):

“I’m enrolled part-time, but I’m going to be graduating at the end of the semester, can I still play even though I’m part-time?” Individuals who wish to participate as part-time students may do so, but ONLY if they are in their final two academic terms prior to graduation. In addition to the required materials for all collegiate waiver requests these individuals must also provide a letter from the institutions registrar verifying that they are on track to graduate within the next two academic semesters.

Eligibility Waivers for Graduate Student Participation, regulation 4.3(b):

“I’m a graduate student, but I haven’t used all 5 years of eligibility. Can I still play this year?” Individuals who wish to participate as graduate students may do so, but ONLY if they are taking a full-time course load and received their undergraduate diploma from a domestic institution (located within the United States). Additionally, it is expected that graduate students will fulfill the other requirements or participation as set by the eligibility regulations (please see IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER above) 

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