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Okay, you want to learn about the incredible sport of Rugby and form lasting bonds with some very incredible people, sign up here: Right Here.

Field practices are held every Monday and Wednesday at Baker Field on the soccer/rugby pitch. School-provided shuttle buses are available for transport at 7:20 and 8:00 pm on Amsterdam and 117th street every Monday and Wednesday. If shuttle buses are unavailable, or you fail to reach one in time, take the 1 train to the 215st station and walk north three blocks to 218 st. and the Baker Athletic Complex will be on your right. Practices begin at 8:00 pm sharp! 

Well, first things first. Rugby is a fun sport, and although most people picture burly men bleeding and clawing each other, rugby can be a very safe sport. I emphasize CAN as the safety of rugby arises from a full and complete understanding of the functioning rules of rugby. And yes, they seem many at first, but they are almost all natural and extremely important. 

Click this link for the rules! IRB Laws.

As rugby is a club sport, the eligibility requirements are more nebulous in comparison with other collegiate sports. Here is a link to the most important restrictions: Eligibility.

However, even if you are uncertain about your eligibility, come and try out the sport. We promise not to hit you too first.