Dear All,

This is the donation page for the Columbia University Rugby Club. Many reading this will be former or current players, and if that's the case, you already know the drill. You know that the costs of running the club are high, and more than that you know how much it means to both players and alumni to keep it going.

For those who are less familiar with the club, we welcome you to read all about it through this website. Our history, our future and our values are plain to see, and are derived from a legacy that stretches back more than 50 years. The club is something both current and past members care deeply about and revolves around the sacred knowledge that 'Saturday is a Rugby Day', and that out there on the pitch your teammates will fight for you and defend you through anything.  That's a pledge to be taken seriously, as any old-timer can tell you.

In closing, please know that wherever donations come from, we dearly appreciate it, and thank you in advance for helping us continue doing what we love. 

Regards and thanks,

John Heizelman, Club President

Fundraising Initiative 2015

Dates: 10/31/2015-11/15/2015

Goal: $15,000

How to donate 

  • A Check to the Club addressed as follows
                                    Columbia University Rugby Football Club
                                    c/o Brian Jines, Director of Intramural & Club Sports Columbia University
                                    3030 Broadway, MC 1923 New York, NY 10027
  • Via Columbia's Secure Online Giving  
                                    Click here and follow the directions below
                                    For "School or Division" select "Athletics" 
                                    For "Designation" select "Other"
                                    On the next page, in the "Comments" section, please type
                                   "Columbia University Men's Rugby Club , Fund #0-4713"
  • To Donate over the Phone
                                 Call the "Giving to Columbia" line at 1-866-443-8797 and  
                                Ask to donate using a credit card to "Columbia University Men's Rugby Club,                                                           Fund #0-4713"

thank you for supporting the club